The Huddle: New Year’s Resolutions


Mia Jones: Every year (well, really every Sunday night) I make the resolution to lose weight and be a sexy beast by the time summer rolls around so I can stun everyone when I finally take my hooded sweatshirt off and have them revel in my toned figure. Now that I am older and wiser and know how much I love food and drink, I am not going to set myself up for failure this year. So, instead, I am going for some low hanging fruit.

The first to cross of my list? Finishing my music-themed tattoo tattoo on my left arm. Now, before anyone says that’s too easy of a resolution, I must first tell you that I need to earn extra money in order to pay for the art and it isn’t cheap. So, if you know of anyone who wants a huge box of Garbage Pail Kids or Archie’s comic books, I can give them a great deal.

The second? OK, this one is easy but it involves practicing harmonies with my radio in the shower, having enough liquid courage in me and also involves getting Trish to get out of the house to sing a karaoke duet to “Need You Now.” That is a tall order my friends.

Trish Bendix: This year I resolve to keep better record of my life. This means through photos and maybe some journaling of sorts. Some of my favorite things to read are biographies and memoirs, and there are so many things found in letters, diary entries or pictures. I feel like the internet age has made me stop keeping record of some thoughts or people or events that are truly important to me, not just when someone else happened to snap a photo while I have a beer in hand.

Just being a little more selfish, I guess, in the whole writing regard, and dedicating some time to thoughts and feelings outside of my head and committing them to paper. (Or, let’s be realistic, MacBook.)

Also, I resolve to join Mia in an amazing rendition of “Need You Now” at the local lesbian karaoke bar.

Karman Kregloe: According to a study by (!), people don’t have much success with their New Year’s resolutions. Only 12% of the people in their study reached their goals, and women had a 10% greater success rate when they made their resolutions public and received support from friends. So, my friends, I’m testing the generally shoddy resolution odds and going public with my 2011 goals. They include learning to play my new harmonica, starting a band (my high school band, Civil Disobedience, folded some years ago and I’m just sick and tired of waiting for VH1 to follow up with our retro Behind the Music special), testing the Disaronno recipe booklet and getting more creative than “on the rocks” with my favorite ridiculous adult beverage, going on a shark expedition and watching the 16-footers go airborne despite the fact that I will probably just end up crying over the chewed up seals, and paddle boarding on a regular basis even though I’m kind of afraid of the ocean. In the spirit of keeping it all public, I’ll post my pictures from the lido deck (assuming I don’t end up as shark bait).

Jamie Murnane: I have issues with New Year’s resolutions. Mostly other peoples, because they always lead to my gym being annoyingly busy the first couple months of the new year. I am there all the time — all year — so I should get a designated spot that is uncrowded. It’s reasons like this that I tend to avoid making resolutions: So many of them are made to be broken, so I will not make one. However, I would like to make more time for myself, not just because it’s a new year, but because I should and have wanted to, and Trish Bendix asked me to contribute, so I’m trying to participate.

So, my non-resolution is to focus more on things I want to do: on my own, with my own friends. Being in a relationship and having work and pets and errands and other obligations (like the gym) are all important aspects, but that’s not everything. Not to get all Eat, Pray, Love on you. So, I’m going to take that Spanish class, that bass class, or just sit at home and finish a book for the first time in months. That’s this year, next year, and every year.

Grace Chu:

What’s your 2011 resolution, besides to make your homepage?

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