The Huddle: Living lesbian stereotypes


Lesley Goldberg: I minored in Women’s Studies. Add that to my stereotype rep sheet.

Grace Chu: Women’s studies is just a polite term for the real name (and purpose) of the course: anatomy.

How does one become a predatory lesbian? For purely educational purposes, of course.

The Linster: In my case, it’s natural because I pre-date all the women I fall for.

Grace Chu: Omg me too! From Ali G to former Attorney General Richard Thornburgh: "What is legal?" Then, "What is illegal?" Finally, "What is barely legal?"

Drummerdeeds: I guess I have another stereotype. I’ve been meaning to say something about this but — I’m a vampire. A lesbian vampire. I think that’s a good way to be a predatory lesbian.

Dara Nai: Grace, wadda dating? 12-year-olds?

Mia Jones: Grace, don’t feel bad, I’ve almost gone there too (totally by accident). I also need to add that my current girlfriend is also my ex-girlfriend. Also, her ex dated my ex-wife. I might need to start a diagram of scandal.

Lesley Goldberg: What’s this half your age plus seven rule?

Grace Chu: if you don’t know it, you probably broke it. ;)

The Linster: I’m glad somebody else never heard of that. I can lower my minimum dating age with that rule.

Grace Chu: Basically one way of becoming a predatory lesbian is to date someone whose age is less than "half your age plus 7." And now that I have found a way to be predatory like the rest of my AE coworkers I no longer feel like a loser. Which makes me a loser.

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