The Huddle: Living lesbian stereotypes

Dara Nai: Formerly true: predatory lesbian, as in having been with five straight girls, two of whom were actual relationships. Formerly!

Still true: very handy from an early age. Also, I’m awesome. As all lesbians are.

Dorothy Snarker: Sensible shoes. Also, the awesome thing per Dara.

Drummerdeeds: OMG I was going to say predator! That was my nickname in high school and still kind of is. I bet you’re a better predator, though, Dara.

Ugh I have no other stereotypes. I don’t shave my legs? I’m Indian?

The Linster: Oh, man. I’ve only had four straight girlfriends, all of whom are now married to men they met while we were “together.” I was with one of them for 10 years!

Alley Hector: I wouldn’t call myself a predatory lesbian although others have no only called me a "predator" but I was also once told that I have the "lean and hungry look."

I majored in Women’s Studies. Our chaired professor handed out buttons that read "I study women in a major way" I have dated the exes of my friends, my best friends, my best friend’s exes, and they have all as well. Basically the two degrees of (Biblical) separation is true.

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