The Huddle: LGBTQ History Month

Drummerdeeds: This LGBTQ history month, I’m toasting some good whiskey to all of the wise and queer older ladies before me: Ellen, Rosie, Wanda, Meredith Baxter, Melissa Etheridge and Tila Tequila (she, after all, was the one who paved the way for Ellen’s coming out, right?).

Also, since it’s the month during which we celebrate a holiday dedicated to using our imaginations, I’m channeling my inner Pagan spirits to sing a duet of "Come to My Window" with Brittany S. Pierce, who will hopefully be dancing in circles around/upon me to another time and place. It’s LGBTQ history month, ladies — dream big!

Grace Chu: Not only is October LGBTQ history month, it also contains the holiday that serves as an excuse for grown women with corporate jobs to dress up like prostitutes and get away with it: Halloween, of course. This month, instead of running around in ill-fitting reflective underwear and shoes with clear heels, dress up as your favorite queer lady, queer icon, or queer television/film character. Buy a bunch of clear balloons and go as Lady Gaga in her bubble dress. Grab a buddy, a couple of lab coats and go as Calzona from Grey’s Anatomy.

I already have my costume. In a moment of insomnia-induced bad decision making, I bought a bullhorn to bring to Dinah Shore 2011. 10,000 lesbians and a mouthy little Asian chick with a portable loudspeaker seemed like an excellent idea. Then it arrived, and I realized it was probably not a wise decision to use it anywhere in public. But on Halloween all bets are off. I bought a red tracksuit, a short blonde wig, a whistle and a stopwatch. Instant Sue Sylvester.

So if you see a small Taiwanese girl in a blonde wig running around in various locales downtown, screaming at passersby about "secret gays" on October 31, say hi!

Megan Hargroder: How to celebrate LGBTQ History Month: New Orleans style.Huge event starting with speeches and presentations, then a second line (note: a second line is like a parade but where people just walk/dance down the street from one place to another; usually accompanied by a walking jazz band), then end at a huge concert full of badass LGBTQ musicians.

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