The Huddle: Guilty pleasures


Karman Kregloe: Man vs. Wild on Discovery. I have no interest in men and hardly any experience with the wild, but I am hooked on this show! Bear Grylls has taught me how to make a snow cave, how to fashion a hammock from a piece of bamboo and how to self-administer an ocean water enema when lost at sea and dying of thirst. I really hope I am never lost at sea.

Mia Jones: I guess you could really say The Real L Word was my guilty pleasure. I wanted so badly to punch Rose’s face through my television set, to comfort Tor when Whitney did something stupid and to barf violently when Sarah’s name was pronounced or a dildo was sent double-dipping. Still, I DVR’d it and made sure to watch it as soon as I could.

The Linster: I have a collection (I call it a collection, exes have called it “crap,” which is one reason they are exes) of female action figures and a few select statues. Everything from Wonder Woman to Ripley to Katchoo. (My latest addition is one I will not reveal because Heather Hogan would get on a plane and come to my house to steal it.) I am still looking for the Birds of Prey set.

I do avoid the really bad ones — like the one where Princess Leia’s face looks like a shaved Chewbacca. And Barbie Catwoman. WTF?

Alley Hector: Gossip Girl is my quintessential guilty pleasure. Money, power, fashion and girl fights. At least it’s totally open about what it is.

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