The Huddle: Dream “SNL” hosts


Heather Hogan: Sexy takes a human form in Sofia Vergara. But don’t be fooled: she may seem like your typical gorgeous, full-figured, Colombian sitcom star — but in reality, she’s so much more than that.

The woman could bring down studio 8H. I think she could even make me forget the time Betty White talked about her muffin.

Lesley Goldberg: If we can’t get AfterEllen favorites Bridget McManus and/or Fortune Feimster to host SNL, then my vote goes to Idina Menzel. I don’t think Glee fans got to see nearly enough of her during Season 1 and considering she’s a Broadway veteran and can walk that fine line between comedy and drama — see Wicked and Rent — she’d be a total natural.

Plus she undoubtedly could get Lea Michele on the stage for a more fitting duet than Lady Gaga‘s "Poker Face." Special bonus: She could double as the show’s musical guest!

Trish Bendix: When I think of someone I’d like to have host SNL, I think of who I’d like to see poke fun at themselves Therefore, I’d love to see Kristen Stewart give that a go. Is she too serious to mock her own pouts? Would she do a lesbianish skit, like the one by Ellen Page? Wouldn’t you just love to see her go all out and be comical for once?

Also, I’d love for her to invite Jodie Foster on as a guest star. Dreams!

Who is your dream SNL host?

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