The Fall TV Preview




When: Friday, September 24 (10:00pm)
Where: NBC
Why we care: Carly Pope plays a bisexual private investigator.
The least you need to know: Jimmy Smits plays a Supreme Court justice who quits the bench to "represent the little guy." Pope’s character, Lucinda Pearl, will work for him.


Stargate Universe

When: Thursday, September 28 (9pm)
Where: SGU
Why we care: Lesbian IOA officer Camile Wray.
The least you need to know: Camile Wray is the de facto civilian leader aboard Destiny. After being listed as a recurring character and then a guest star in the credits, Ming-Na has received main cast status going into the second season. And the trailer from Comic-Con is insane.


The Good Wife

When: Tuesday, September 28 (10pm)
Where: CBS
Why we care: Archie Panjabi just snagged an Emmy for her portrayal of maybe-gay Kalinda.
The least you need to know: Good Wife creator Robert King told us Kalinda’s sexuality would be a little less ambiguous this season. He said he wants to "go there" with Kalinda and another woman, but he doesn’t want it to be a stunt.


The Talk

When: Monday, October 18 (2pm)
Where: CBS
Why we care: Out lesbian Sara Gilbert brings the gay to the discussion about family and politics and entertainment.
The least you need to know: Saturday Night Live is going to have a field day with The Talk vs. The View.

What show are you most looking forward to this fall?

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