The 2009 Visibility Awards


Charlize Theron

Whether she was puckering up with a woman for a good cause or publicly comparing current marriage laws to apartheid, the smart, beautiful actress used her high-profile to our advantage and maintained her status as our loyal friend in 2009.

Runners up: Kathy Griffin, Jon Stewart


Clementine Ford

After a couple of false starts (see Diva and TV Guide) The L Word‘s Clementine Ford officially declared herself "out" (making her mom, Cybill Shepherd, "proud and happy") and confirmed her relationship with rock producer Linda Perry. As a result, The Young and the Restless probably picked up a few extra lesbian viewers when Ford joined the cast.

Runner up:

"Meredith Baxter – I am apparently the only gay person who did not realize she was gay." (Dorothy Snarker)


Meredith Baxter

The actress who made her mark as one of America’s pre-eminent TV moms on the popular ’80s sitcom Family Ties came out publicly as a lesbian earlier this year at 62.

"Meredith Baxter. Only because I already knew; she was never really in the closet."(Dara Nai)

Runner Up:

"Kelly McGillis. A ‘duh’ is deserved, but I respect her immensely for finally speaking about it publicly." (Trish Bendix)


Jane Lynch

The Linster: "Jane was everywhere, bright, funny and a little bit butch. A shining light in Julie & Julia; a heart of stone in Glee; a rock star on talk shows and while selling us Xbox."

Dara Nai: Jane "How-will-I-ever-buy-my-hovercraft" Lynch. No contest.


Katja Nyberg and Gro Hammerseng

The world of women’s elite sports is a surprisingly homophobic place, but Gro Hammerseng and Katja Nyberg — who are taking home our international title for the second year in a row — live as an affectionate, supportive, openly gay couple, and in doing so have earned themselves a legion of fans.

Inex watches chose Hammerseng as the face of their 2009 ad campaign. Equally impressive — though slightly less profitable — she was the highest jumper on’s 2009 Hot List, landing a place in the top ten.

Both Hammerseng and Nyberg are members of the Danish handball club FC Midtjylland Håndboldm, and though they had to sit out 2009′s World Championship due to injuries, they still captured our hearts.

Hammerseng even decided to take some time off from the Norwegian National Team this year. Hopefully, they’re just resting up for the 2010 European Championship. A victory there might just ensure an Hammerseng/Nyberg Visibility Awards three-peat.

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