The 2009 Visibility Awards



Lady Gaga

The dynamic performer joined the LGBT community in Washington, D.C. for the National Equality March, made sure that Kanye West knew just how gay her music (and fans) were before they embarked on tour together (though the tour was eventually canceled), kissed both boys and girls in the video for "Love Game" and discussed her bisexuality with Barbara Walters on television.

In 2009, Lady Gaga was a one-woman band singing an anthem for lesbian/bi visibility. Encore!


Lady Gaga "Bad Romance"

"I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s like throwing a Matthew Barney film into a blender with Britney Spears, Hype Williams, True Blood, pyrotechnics, Soundgarden’s "Black Hole Sun" video and the gayest man you know. Obviously this equals crazy fa-bu-lous. Watch it here." (Hornito)


Gossip "Heavy Cross"

From their latest release, Music for Men:

"We can play it safe
play it cool, follow the leader
or make up all the rules,
whatever you want,
the choice is yours so choose."

We choose Gossip.


NOFX "Creeping Out Sara"

"That’s when I creeped out Sara or maybe I just pissed her off
When I asked her if her sister and her had ever had a threesome?
Where they both ganged up one girl, a forgy or a fivesome?
Do they think strap-ons are groovy, and had they ever seen the movie
Bound and did they like Jennifer Tilly, did they like Jennifer Tilly?"

The punk band’s bragging anthem about being jerks to Sara Quin predictably annoyed Tegan and Sara‘s lesbian fanbase. They let their wrath be known, thereby offending NOFX.

NOFX told, "We have rainbow flags on our f—ing stage. We totally support that community. We call ourselves a ‘gay positive’ band — not ‘tolerant,’ positive. We think gay people are awesome and better than straight people because they’re having more fun."

We’re guessing that NOFX’s idea of lesbians "having fun" has more do with our imagined threesomes (or "forgies") than the reality of us fighting for our civil rights.

Runner up:

We Made You” by Eminem. Slim Shady can suck it." (Dorothy Snarker)

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