The 2009 Visibility Awards



Precious (Director Lee Daniels)

StuntDouble writes:

Precious, based on bisexual writer Sapphire’s novel Push, isn’t simply the best theatrical release of the year featuring a lesbian character; it may just be the best theatrical release of the year, full stop. (And that’s something we’ve never before been able to say about a movie with a positive representation of a lesbian character.)

Paula Patton’s portrayal of lesbian NYC public school teacher Blu Rain is one of the highlights of one of the heaviest, most sobering movies in our memory.

Ms. Rain is unapologetically gay, and the film makes special mention of the fact that, though Precious’ mother has taught her that homosexuals are evil, the "homos" never wreaked havoc on her life like the abuse and rape and exploitation heaped on her by straight people. In fact, Precious’ first interaction with a queer woman is her first interaction with a person who believes she can have a better way of life.

Ms. Rain is more than a hero. Ms. Rain is a hero-maker — who happens to be gay.


Mississippi Damned (Writer/Director Tina Mabry)

Mississippi Damned collected an impressive array of accolades on the festival circuit this year, and  writer/director Tina Mabry was named one of the top 100 People of 2009 by Out Magazine. We’re going to enjoy watching her career as it continues to blossom.

Runners Up: Fish Out of Water, Training Rules

"Training Rules. Rene Portland should be banned from everything, everywhere, for all time."
(The Linster)


Anyone But Me (Created by Tina Cesa Ward and Susan Miller)

The series wowed us with its well-written and wonderfully acted first season, which covers coming out in a new way. Vivian and Aster’s relationship goes through some trials as Vivian moves away from the city and closets herself in order to fit in. Meanwhile, she almost loses her girlfriend and doesn’t realize all the support she has around her.

The second season, which started last week, looks fabulous. Also, Aster is played by out actress, Nicole Pacent. Bonus!

Runner Up: Venice (Created by Crystal Chappell & Kim Turrisi)

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