The 2009 Visibility Awards



The L Word (Showtime)

Our complex, contentious, and stormy relationship with The L Word came to an end this year. We’ll miss (some of) the characters, the impressive guestbians, and the sheer number of romantic scenes featuring all of those beautiful women. 

As with the passing of any long-term relationship, we’re trying to remember the good times.

Once the series finished its run, co-creators Michele Abbott and Kathy Greenberg dished about its origins. Their funny, insightful comments make us wonder what the show might have become had they possessed the necessary "experience" to stay involved with the show beyond the second episode

"The L Word earns both Best and Worst in this category. The show broke ground for lesbians, but sometimes the writing made me want to poke my eyes out. Of course, it helps that it was the only TV series on cable with lesbian/bi characters for a good bit of its tenure." (The Linster)


Skins (UK)

StuntDouble tells us why you should love Skins (if you don’t already):

Stateside lesbians let out a whoop of joy when BBC America announced that it would air the third season of the award-winning drama Skins. (You have no idea how hard it is to watch pirated versions of Skins online; someone is always yanking down the good parts.)

Lily Loveless and Kathryn Prescott‘s portrayal of couple Naomi and Emily — two teenagers just trying to figure out life and sexuality in Bristol, South West England — is one of the most authentic lesbian love stories ever to air on TV. And unlike American networks that balk at any physical contact between queer characters, BBC allows Naomily explore that aspect of their relationship as openly as straight couples.

BBC America admittedly edited Emily and Naomi’s sex scene (down by the lake), but they explained that they were forced to do the same for a scene between two straight characters in an earlier episode. (They’ve also done it with Torchwood.)

Even better than the happy ending writer’s gave Naomily in season three is the news that they will continue their young lesbian love in the coming season. founder Sarah Warn agrees, "Although Verbotene Liebe deserves strong consideration in this category, Skins wins not only because of its poignant, authentic, and positive depiction of a lesbian relationship between teenagers Naomi and Emily, but because of the large international audience it attracted specifically because of this relationship. When a skittish Naomi can’t deal with her feelings for Emily, Emily pleads with her, ‘Be brave, and want me back.’ She did — and so did we." 

In even more (potentially) good news, MTV is planning to adapt an American version of Skins. Let’s hope they get it right!

Runner-up: Verbotene Liebe (Germany)

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