The Huddle: You Can Call it a Comeback


Ali Davis: In the middle of my “Holy crap, a show with women kissing?!” astonishment and my “Holy wow, a show with women ding WAY MORE than kissing?!” astonishment and my “Wait—they’re gonna have long-term same-sex relationships, probably without someone getting sent to another city or killed off! (Sorry, Dana!)” astonishment, I managed to find time to be thrilled that Pam Grier was on The L Word.

"Foxy, The Complete Pam Grier" Film Series

I went through a phase of fascination with low-budget movies in college, and finding Pam Grier’s action flicks was a moment of jaw-dropping joy. If you haven’t seen Coffy, you need to right now. It’s the movie in which Grier taught me that if you know a cat fight is coming up, you should take a little me-time to put razors in your wig, so that anyone who tries a hair-grab on you will have something to think about.

She was always an amazing screen presence, and The L Word, for all its flaws, gave Grier a compelling but completely different kind of character to work with. I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Trish Bendix: I’m sufficiently psyched about the comeback of Luscious Jackson. Their new video has assured me they might be in 2013 but they haven’t lost their ’90s awesome.
Karman Kregloe: I promise that my answer to every Huddle question is not going to be “Jessica Lange.” However, I have to pick Lange again this week. The woman who kindly help me realize that I was gay by being so dreamy in Tootsie didn’t exactly go underground in the 30 years since I first noticed her. She continued to act and even picked up an Oscar (for Blue Sky) and Emmy and Golden Globe noms (for Grey Gardens) along the way. But thanks to the success of American Horror Story, I once again see her on the cover of magazines, walking red carpets and even trotting off with an Emmy (after wisely thanking her writers for making it possible). Lange has been my favorite actress since I was a high school thespian, and I am thrilled to see her being rightly worshipped by the masses.
Emily Hartl: Even though I don’t get to watch The Talk that often I really am happy that Sara Gilbert is back on the scene. Darlene 4-ever!
Celebrities Visit SiriusXM Studios - August 14, 2013

Those are some good ones. Do you have a favorite comeback success story?

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