The Huddle: You Can Call it a Comeback

Punky Starshine: Sarah Michelle Gellar. Granted, only time will tell if The Crazy Ones will be any good, but she’s back on my television, and she has finally joined twitter, and while she never went anywhere in my heart, I’m glad she seems to be making a comeback in the public eye.
Celebrities Visit "Late Show With David Letterman" - October 1, 2013

Chloe: Amanda Bynes will rise again, likely lobotomized a la Britney. Imagine if Amanda Bynes did a come back sequel of She’s The Man but every ends up going gay? Even I think Channing Tatum crushing on another dude would be hot. And Amanda Bynes as a cute soccer lesbian who doesn’t realize how Ellen Page, the smart as s drama nerd, is the one until one night underneath the goal. The stadium lights would flash on, the stands would cheer, and Channing Tatum would hook up with Adam Brody under the bleachers.

Amanda Bynes Manhattan Criminal Court Appearance - July 9, 2013
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