The Huddle: Women in Prison

Bridget McManus: My favorite is probably also my wife’s favorite too. In the 1996 film Freeway Reese Witherspoon and the late Brittany Murphy play two out of control teens that end up in juvie together. Murphy plays a wackadoo lesbian paint-huffer who convinces Witherspoon to make out with her. This movie is a hot mess of goodness.


Karman Kregloe: Yep, Freeway is the best. It’s Little Red Riding Hood reimagined as a trashy modern serial killer flick, so of course it’s amazing! One of my favorite moments is when Witherspoon finally stops resisting Murphy’s advances and tells her, “Alright, I’ll make out with you, but no fuckin’!”

Lucy Hallowell: I am going with Bad Girls. I am a sucker for an impossible love story. Nothing makes me happier than watching two people who can’t be together because of circumstance, class, societal pressure, or inconveniently being locked up in a jail cell try to resist the irrevocable pull of love. Add to that the melodious sounds of Helen Stewart’s accent and I’ll just be over here on my fainting couch. Seeeriously.


Dana Piccoli: Remember Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2? Correction, remember Linda Hamilton’s muscles in Terminator 2?  She makes the the best of her time in psychiatric detention by doing chin-ups to prep for the end of the world. Seven Minute Apocalypse Abs. Plus she will stab you right in your goddamn kneecap. Don’t push her.


Jill Guccini: Because I will use as many huddles to reminisce about the Golden Girls as possible, my vote is for when those kooky ladies get arrested for being prostitutes on their way to see Burt Reynolds. And then Sofia comes to bail them out but actually just ends up stealing the Burt Reynolds tickets, lolz. They are definitely the snazziest dressed old ladies in the block.

golden girls jail

Erika Star: I struggled with my favorite prison scene because there’s just so many gosh darn fabulous women behind bars! My gut told me to go with Claire Danes and Kate Beckinsale in Brokedown Palace because OMG MAKEOUT ALREADY. Then there was Catherine Zeta-Jones in Chicago‘s “Cell Block Tango” or Lady Gaga entangled in the prisonyard kiss heard round the world, but both of those songs reminded me of exes and, well, gross. Then I remembered Portia De Rossi in Arrested Development and my decision was made.

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