The Huddle: Scenes of Romance

Chloe: Books: Lemony Snicket‘s The Beatrice Letters. Movies: Breakfast At Tiffany’s when he rescues the wet cat, named Cat, and they kiss. Also Titanic when they’re re-united in the ballroom and dance in front of everyone clapping. The Notebook when they die holding hands. NO APOLOGIES.


Kimberly Hoffmann: The last episode ever of My So-Called Life is full of this dreamy anticipation that Angela will finally get her big chance with Jordan Catalano, but Brian Krakow’s not-so-secret but totally confused crush on her seems to show all his heartbreak. She’s standing on her street under the foggy streetlamp as Brian glides along on his bike, watching her get in Jordan’s car. And then we never know what might have become of any of them.


Also, I guess I’ll keep the Claire Danes theme rolling along because mostly all of Romeo + Juliet gets my heart a-thumping. That meet encounter at the costume party! Honorary mentions: Winona at the end of Edward Scissorhands saying about the snow/how she knows Edward is alive: “Sometimes you can still catch me dancing in it” And of course, from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: “Meet me in Montauk.”


In my life: My girlfriend leaves me beautiful love notes all the time. She’s made me cards on holidays and birthdays with cut-outs of lovers like our kitties Squirt and Luna or Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson and turns her words into poetry. But nothing will too when we first met. I travelled across the country and walked into her apartment building and she ran across the hall and scooped me up and we were so nervous we shook for hours, drank two shot of whiskey, and couldn’t stop smiling and giggling.

Dana Piccoli: “As you wiiiiiiiiiiiish.” The Princess Bride pretty much set an impossible bar to reach in terms of romance in my heart.


The whole sign thing in Love Actually—which OK, was kind of a dick move considering she was already married—but man, did it make my heart pound.

I think this is kind of an underrated moment, but the kiss right after Paige and Emily sing karaoke together at the dive bar. After that first disastrous kiss in the car, this one is so sweet and satisfying. After this highly charged and giddy experience, it slows down and becomes this beautifully romantic kiss, this time initiated by Emily. It fills me with butterflies, and reminds me of my own first kisses.

Jill Guccini: OK, I love romance so much and you guys have all given so many great moments that my mind is on overdrive. But, in recent memory, the most romantic book I’ve read is Eleanor and Park. Eleanor is a poor, chubby, red headed girl, and Park is a half-Korean kid who loves comics and music, and while some very dramatic things happen over the course of the book, I can’t stop thinking about the beginning of their love affair, when they sit quietly next to each other on the school bus and read comics, and then Park starts bringing his Walkman (it’s the ’80s) so they can listen to punk rock while they read. And then one day he wants to give the Walkman to Eleanor overnight to listen to a tape he made, and she’s like NO, NO, because she is so poor and doesn’t want to take this expensive Walkman and he’s like it’s fine, I don’t care, and she’s like NO, I’ll use up the batteries, your batteries, and I can’t replace them, and she’s so upset, but they’re hardly talking at this point still, just always sitting silently together reading comics, so he doesn’t understand. But then one day he buys her a shit ton of double A batteries and she takes the Walkman and maybe you have to know Eleanor Douglas and Park Sheridan better but for at least a week, every time I walked by a display of batteries at the store I wanted to weep.


I also really, really like Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles in 10 Things I Hate About You.

Oh, and OBVIOUSLY, the best storyline in Love Actually is the one with Aurelia, and when they both separately learn each other’s languages, GUH, and when all of a sudden he’s just like “I HAVE TO GO” and runs to the airport and the whole village follows them and then when Aurelia says “Just in cases” AHH AHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

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