The Huddle: Scenes of Romance

Ali Davis: Oh, man. Dorks have so many. Like so much Jane Austen and if you try to tell me that plowing through the first third of A.S. Byatt‘s Possession isn’t made so, so worth it by the other two I WILL CUT YOU and the odds are still very good to this day that you can make my knees buckle by saying, “As you wish.”

But my favorites might be the weird ones. I love, love, love Tim and Dawn coming together and finally kissing in the British version of The Office, but what really got me in that episode might be the moment where David, on a first date with a woman who is kind of ordinary but also kind of wonderful and just open enough to be able to see what could be good in him, finally tells the office jerk to fuck off. Because some of the best parts of love are those moments when you find the best part of yourself.


And for some reason one of the movie scenes that really hit me at the time and has stayed with me is from Ed Wood, where Ed explains to Kathy that, yes, he likes to sleep with women, but he prefers to dress in women’s clothing. And she thinks about it for a moment and then just says “OK.” Her face is so full of perfect acceptance—I just love it.

In real life, it’s probably after we spent three days together all the time, each trying to figure out what the other one wanted, and then we spent the afternoon casually mentioning that we didn’t usually drink that much, but we might have a couple tonight, no real reason, and then we were back on her couch with our feet tangled up, flushed and smiling at each other but still technically safe and just being friendly and then finally she sat up, grabbed me by the shirt, and kissed me.

Pro tip: I cannot recommend that move highly enough.

Dara Nai: At the end of Rocky, Rocky achieved his goal to go the distance, and prove to himself and the world that he wasn’t just a broken-down bum, but all he wanted was Adrian. Exhausted, bloodied, and barely able to see, Rocky is swarmed by trainers and reporters in the ring, but he just kept crying out, “Adrian! Adrian!” over and over. She finally pushes her way into the ring, where they embrace and say, “I love you!” “I love you. I love you.” Oh, and it’s New Years Day. I don’t know what’s become of Sylvester Stallone but there was this one time when he was an amazing writer.


In real life, there are many “mosts,” great and small, but one of my favorites is a small one: Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night, I realize my wife and I are holding hands in our sleep.

Valerie Anne: When Tara told Willow, “I am, you know. Yours.” When Maya made Emily an underwater-scape because she couldn’t be on the swim team. Every speech either Castle or Beckett has given when one of them was in a life-threatening situation (so basically, every other episode of Castle). The whole end of Pitch Perfect. When Cosima offered to get Eskimo pies for Delphine. In South of Nowhere, that time Spencer was looking in the refrigerator and Ashley walked up and kissed her on the shoulder. On Doctor Who, when Rory waited two millennia for the girl who waited. The scene where Arizona strolled up to Callie in the bathroom at the bar, introduced herself, gave her some encouraging words, then kissed her square on the mouth. When Casper asks Kat if he can keep her.


I could literally go on forever. I love moments that aren’t flashy and grand for everyone to see, the ones that aren’t generic and could have been applied to anyone. I love the personal moments, the little things. (Or, sometimes, the bigger, but totally selfless things. Lauren Lewis is famous for those.) I cannot, however, stand overly cheesy sap-fests. My mom eats Lifetime movies up like candy and I nearly pull muscles from all the eye rolling and dramatic gagging noises necessary to survive them.

Lucy Hallowell: Jim’s wedding speech on The Office is the best wedding toast ever given. Heather already mentioned it but the freaking shirts in Brokeback Mountain reduced me to a sobbing mess for long enough to embarrass me, my wife, and all the other theater goers in the bathroom of the movie theater. When Luce tells Rachel, “Don’t forget me,” and Rachel says “I won’t remember anything else” in Imagine Me & You. But if I could really only pick one (and not cheat with a thousand other picks crammed in), I have to go with Idgie and Ruth. From “You’re a bee charmer, Idgie Threadgoode” to “I’m as settled as I ever hope to be” and ending with the ugly-cry inducing scene where Ruth is dying and Idgie can’t figure out how say everything she always wanted to say so Ruth says “go on you ol’ Bee Charmer, tell me a good tall tale.”

ruth and idgie
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