The Huddle: Our First Lesbian Films


Trish Bendix: Despite the fact that the cover of Bound entranced me each time I went to the local chain store, and I was mysteriously drawn to Clea DuVall in But I’m a Cheerleader but didn’t link it to my sexuality, the first time I remember seeking out lesbians on the TV was when my first girlfriend and I were at the Blockbuster by my apartment. We passed by the first season of The L Word on DVD and nervously joked about renting it, opting for some new release instead. We were just outside the store when one of us (I can’t remember who) admitted we really wished we’d rented The L Word. The other one of us expressed the same want, so we immediately went inside, exchanged the one we’d rented for Disc 1 and told the clerk we’d accidentally grabbed the wrong one. We watched the whole season in two days time.


Dara Nai: I honestly can not remember my first lesbian film, but I’m sure I was dragged to it by my friend, Ellen, whom I met in a gay bar when we were all just puppies. She was our guide to the lesbian universe. She read The Advocate and GO magazine. She planned our Pride schedule and was the first to pick up on the subtext on Xena. I didn’t have to do anything because if it was out there, Ellen would tell me about it.

One day, she told me about a website called I checked it out and read that they were looking for writers for something called “Fake Gay News.” I submitted a ridiculous article about U-Haul, and received an offer to write for them from someone who would turn out to be Karman Kregloe. First lesbian film? No idea, but I’m sure I was with Ellen, and even if the film sucked (which is likely) we had a blast.

Bridget McManus: I remember when I was 20 my college girlfriend and I rented Go Fish. We sat on my tiny couch in my apartment in New Jersey and we couldn’t figure out what was going on. We ended up shutting it off half way through so I still don’t know how it ends.

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