The 9 worst fictional lesbian/bi deaths of 2013

5. Alice, Under the Dome


Alice was originally part of The Summer of Lesbian Plenty. We scarcely knew what to do with all the queer female characters that were tossed at us starting in June. Sadly, Alice — who was part of the most watched show of the whole summer — succumbed to the epidemic that took the lives of the majority of her counterparts. Also, she succumbed to Stephen King‘s imagination, which happens to the best of us sometimes, I suppose.

4. Kenya Rosewater, Defiance


How surprised we all were to find ourselves falling in love with Mia Kirshner‘s brothel owner on SyFy’s post-apocalyptic summer hit. Jenny Schecter who? Multiply that shock times one thousand and that’s how we felt when Kenya Rosewater and Stahma Tarr started falling for each other/doing a lot of sex. Too bad our shock and surprise ended in a resigned groan when Stahma poisoned poor Kenya to death in the woods while singing her a Castithan lullaby.

3. H.G. Wells’ Endless Wonder, Warehouse 13


When Helena died all the times she died on Warehouse 13, we clutched our pearls and cried our tears, but we accepted it because she was always sacrificing herself to save Myka Bering (aka The Love of Her Life). She didn’t die again in season four, but her endless wonder sure did. H.G. Wells, the Mother of Science Fiction and one of the brightest minds in the history of the space-time continuum, gave up her dreams and her True Love to live in Bumblefuck, Wisconsin with some random everyman and his daughter. Which feels an awful lot like dying to us.

2. Cristina, Tierra de Lobos


This wound is still too fresh to talk about. At this point, we’re pretty much still shaking our fists at the sky. WHY? It didn’t have to happen like this! WHY?!?

1. The Holiest of Holy Things, Skins: Fire


Oh, you know, just one of the most uplifting, soul-sustaining, worshiped, revered, canonized, iconic lesbian love stories ever told ruined by bringing back the characters for an epilogue that was nonsensical and hackneyed and ended with Naomi dying of an undefinable type of rapid-cell cancer that kills you faster than even Ilene Chaiken on her angriest day. Skins: Fire is easily the cruelest, most callous bit of storytelling I have ever seen on television in all my life. #NeverForget

What do you think was the worst fictional lesbian/bi death of 2013?

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