The 7 most cringe-worthy moments on “Glee”

Finn comes out for Santana.

You’re never going to convince me “I Kissed A Girl” was an acceptable episode of TV. Instead of letting Santana get comfortable with her sexuality at her own pace, to talk openly about it to her friends and family when she was ready — instead of affording her the same courtesy they gave Kurt, Glee‘s writers just went ahead and had Finn do all the heavy lifting for Santana’s coming out. The entire episode was a teachable moment for the straight white dude.

Sugar Motto shouts “Asperger’s.”

Glee goes out of its way to PSA gay things and wheelchair things and deaf things and minority things, except for Sugar’s autism. Her characters has backed off of it now, but in the early days of her inception, she said and did horrible things and then excused it by yelling “Asperger’s!” If the show treated all social stigmas that way, it’d be one thing, but they don’t. And singling out Asperger’s as the thing it’s OK to openly mock is unacceptable.

Everybody gets a wheelchair.

I can’t be alone in being offended by New Directions hopping in wheelchairs and scooting up and down ramps singing “Proud Mary” in a show of solidarity for Artie. “Rolling, rolling, rolling on a river?” Really, Glee? Really?

V-cards are the currency of Lima Heights.

Glee is obsessed with virginity. Grown-ass coach Bieste got a never-been-kissed storyline. Grown-ass Emma is still trapped in a can’t-have-sex storyline. But the most ludicrous virginity story was the one in which Rachel and Blaine decided they couldn’t properly convey passion on stage if they hadn’t had sex with their boyfriends. No one bothered to point out that acting is acting. It’s not like you have to slaughter a dozen people to play a serial killer. Rachel and Blained tried to seduce Finn and Kurt, respectively, for research purposes, and Blaine uttered the most atrocious line of dialogue ever written: “How are we, as virgins, supposed to follow that?” How am I, as a person with ears, supposed to take that kind of writing seriously?

Runner-up: Rachel pays Finn a dollar to kiss her. Just … girl, no! You are Rachel Motherf–king Berry! You look just like Lea Michele! The line of men and women waiting to kiss you wraps around the earth two times!

What do you think are the most cringe-worthy moments on Glee?

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