The 5 Most WTF Moments of Fictional Lesbian Adultery

Francine Cheats on Katchoo, Strangers in Paradise

Katchoo spent decades waiting for Francine to stop dicking around with the dumbass men in her life and finally admit that she was fully, wholly in love with her. Fran left her boyfriend for Kat, flew all the way to Texas to move in with Kat, started seeing a therapist to work out her internal homophobia for Kat, even braved the lesbian section of the bookstore for Kat. She got herself all dolled up, cooked a special dinner — but Kat went home with Fran’s ex-boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend instead of going home to Francine. She’d waited her whole life for Francine! She couldn’t have just waited one more night?! It took nearly 30 more issues for them to work out the repercussions of Katchoo’s impulsiveness!

Bette Cheats on Tina, The L Word

When you decide to have a baby with the woman you love, and then that woman has a miscarriage, the best way to help her (and you) heal is probably not to fuck the handywoman who has come to fix the bookshelves at your office.

Cat Cheats on Sam, Lip Service

On the one hand you’ve got DS Sam Murray, a stable, warm, compassionate, gorgeous woman who adores you and brings you breakfast in bed. But if you’re Cat MacKenzie, that’s not enough. You’re also wondering what to do with your other hand. And so you use that other hand to get your brooding, philandering ex-girlfriend off. It is the incorrect decision, as evidenced by the fact that karma flattens you with a car while you’re texting to say how fun it is to be a cheater.

What do you think is the most WTF moment of fictional lesbian adultery?

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