The 2013 AfterEllen Visibility Awards Winners are…


Best Lesbian/Bi Ally: Sara Ramirez


The Grey’s Anatomy actress has starred in more episodes of TV than any current LGBT character. 180, to be exact. And when she’s not on our televisions, she’s out in the world standing up for equality. We can’t pray away the gay, but we can pray Callie Torres will be on-screen for ten more seasons.

Editor’s Pick: Tilda Swinton

Risking imprisonment, the actress posed for a photograph holding a rainbow flag in front of Moscow’s Saint Basil’s Cathedral. She later donated more than $2,000 for the funeral of Alexei Davydov, a prominent Russian LGBT activist who died of kidney failure at 36. Some people talk, but Tilda acts.

Favorite Lesbian/Bi Athlete: Megan Rapinoe


This year, Rapinoe signed with Olympique Lyonnais and became the fifth American woman to play in a French Women’s Football Club championship game!

Editor’s Pick: Brittney Griner

The WNBA’s top player has spoken freely about being closeted while at Baylor and how happy she is to be herself now that she’s a professional athlete. Her Instagram selfies keep us LOLing (she sure loves to take photos of herself sleeping!) and every interview she does gives us even better insight into what it’s like to be so young but so damn good at the game.

Best Coming Out Story: Jodie Foster


Her heartfelt, rambling, terrified, angry, triumphant, honest coming out speech at the Golden Globes made us cry and air-punch at the same time.

Editor’s Pick: Jodie Foster

We were thrilled to hear her finally say it, and in such a public way.

Favorite IRL Lesbian Couple: Ellen and Portia



Editor’s Pick: Ellen and Portia

You know you’re at the top when people are trying to bring you down. Ellen laughed off divorce rumors this year, reiterating how happy she and the wifey are together, although no one but tabloids trying to sell magazines suspected any differently.

Lesbian/Bi Woman of the Year: Ellen DeGeneres


Her talkshow has been renewed through 2017 and Pixar’s Finding Dory is coming our way soon. After Ellen for all eternity!

Editor’s Pick: Edie Windsor

The 84-year-old widow took on the United States Supreme Court and won for us all. DOMA was knocked down because she dared to stand up against the hypocrisy of the American government, and looked fucking fabulous doing it. We’re grateful to Edie now and forever.

What do you think about this year’s winners?

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