The 2013 AfterEllen Visibility Awards Winners are…


Hottest Hookup in Film/TV: Lauren and Bo, Lost Girl


Yeaaaah. Gulp. ‘Nuff said.

Editor’s Pick: Piper and Alex, Orange Is the New Black

We’re talking about the shower sex and the church sex. Talk about getting freaky.

Best Music Video: “Closer” (Tegan and Sara)


Tegan and Sara’s Hearthrob got a whole year’s worth of play on our iPods and we nearly burnt up YouTube watching the album’s music videos on YouTube.

Editor’s Pick: “She Keeps Me Warm” (Mary Lambert)

An insatiable ballad with an adorable love story playing out on screen, Mary Lambert’s video had everything we never knew we always wanted. It’s girl meets girl, girl gets girl, girl keeps girl warm. Aw.

Best Book: The Persistence of Phosphors, Joseph Dougherty


When a TV show writer/producer uses his free time to write fan fiction about the show’s lesbian couple (and publish his books on Amazon Worlds), you know you’ve got a special situation on your hands. Joseph Dougherty has given us more to swoon over than nearly any other TV writer in the last four years. His Paige and Emily novels are just icing on the cake.

Editor’s Pick: Bodies of Water, T. Greenwood

Like a less cheesy telling of The Notebook, two women fall in love during the 1950s but are separated by circumstance until a huge reveal present day. T. Greenwood’s novel is tragic in all the best ways, but also a story of romance rarely told

Best Tweeter: Zoie Palmer


Editor’s Pick: Evan Rachel Wood

An actress who speaks her mind, Evan Rachel Wood has used Twitter to let fans and followers know she is pro-equality, anti-paparazzi and finds censorship of female sexuality on film repulsive. She’s also uses her Twitter account to educate anyone who is attempting to question her bisexuality and praise other females every chance she gets.

Favorite Lesbian/Bi Musician: Tegan and Sara


All we want to get is a little bit closer, OK? All we want to know is, can you come a little closer? No? OK, can you release another album super soon?

Editor’s Pick: Angel Haze

One of the year’s hottest MCs who is also up front about identifying as pansexual, Angel Haze writes rhymes about being sexually abused, coming out of the closet and breaking up with women, all while being hailed the next big thing. We’re among her biggest fans.

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