The 2013 AfterEllen Visibility Awards Winners are…

Favorite Reality Series: The Voice


Michelle Chamuel may have only been the runner-up on season four of The Voice, but she was the definite winner of Our Hearts. (Awww.)

Editor’s Pick: Catfish

A reality show that gives an inside look at the intersection of internet dating and real life connection, Catfish portrayed people of different colors, classes, sexualities and gender identities from Middle America. Several different queer women were involved in storylines, whether they were setting out to meet their online girlfriends, or they were Catfishing an unsuspecting person themselves. The discussions and self-realizations that came from these meet-ups were ones never before seen on mainstream television.

Favorite Lesbian/Bi Reality Star: Jillian Michaels, The Biggest Loser


Never stop making people’s lives better by waltzing around in spandex and hollering, Jillian! You’re such a terrifying inspiration to us all!

Editor’s Pick: Monifah (R&B Divas)

An out and proud black woman who is happy in love and trying to reignite her singing career, Monifah also let us into her difficult relationship with her daughter, who disapproves of her being a lesbian. Monifah handles it better than most, and she’s often the cool head among the hot bloods that make up the rest of the Divas.

Best Movie: Blue Is the Warmest Color


It was the sex scenes that made the headlines, but it was the desperate, voracious, world-bending love story between two women that made this film resonate so strongly with us.

Editor’s Pick: Blue Is the Warmest Color

A coming-of-age tale that includes a Sapphic sexual awakening, the writing was tight and the acting was superb. Had the sex scenes been cut or less publicized, we’d appreciate it just the same.

Favorite Movie Actress: Jodie Foster


It’s not often that a female-fronted action movie rakes in $300 million worldwide and receives a consensus of generally positive reviews from critics, but that’s exactly what Jodie’s Elysium accomplished in 2013!

Editor’s Pick: Sarah Paulson

It takes a lot to sink into a role like Mistress Mary Epps, the wife of a slave owner who repeatedly abuses a black female slave her husband takes a liking to, but Sarah Paulson is frighteningly convincing in 12 Years a Slave. From the theater to our televisions to the big screen, Sarah is a secret weapon in everything she’s part of.

Best Web Series: Venice: The Series


Daytime TV may have both feet in the grave, but Crystal Chappell‘s sudsy web series is still thriving!

Editor’s Pick: Little Horribles

Amy York Rubin tells it like it is in her web series of living as a lesbian writer in Los Angeles. Her epic wit, poignant musings and great guest stars had us wishing each episode was just a little bit longer.

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