The 2012 Golden Globes and Gay Degrees of Separation

To Sir Elton John‘s disgust, Madonna took the prize for best original song in a motion picture for “Masterpiece” in W.E.

Madonna also presented an award and was the subject of a jab by Gervais when he introduced her as, “always vogue, a material girl, and just like a virgin.” But Madonna didn’t skip a beat. “If I’m still a virgin, Ricky, then why don’t you come on and do something about it. I haven’t kissed a girl in a few years. On TV.”

Idris Elba of Luther won best actor in a tv movie/miniseries. I’ve never watched the show, but @skgway helped me with the gay connection. Luther co-star Aimee Ffion played Sketch in Skins. And Saskia Reeves, who plays Luther’s boss, played gay in the film Butterfly Kiss.

Best actress in a motion picture goes to Michele Williams for My Week With Marilyn. This is the same award Marilyn herself won more than 50 years ago. Williams thanked her daughter Matilda, “whose bravery and exuberance is the example I take with me in my work and in my life.”

Michelle played a lesbian in If These Walls Could Talk2 and also played Ennis’s wife Alma in Brokeback Mountain. Add the fact that she always brings Busy Phillips to awards shows as her “date” and Williams earns, as @TheWeyrd1 says, “the gay trifecta.”

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Piper Perabo presented best supporting actor TV to Peter Dinklage for Game of Thrones. (Dinklage played gay in the very funny Death at a Funeral). Best animated feature film went to Adventures of Tintin, directed by Stephen Spielberg, who is married to Dr. Arizona Robbins/Jessica Capshaw‘s mom Kate. Best screenplay went to Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris, in which main character Gil travels to the 1920s and encounters Cole Porter and Gertrude Stein, among others. Imaginary gays totally count.

Just as we were about to doze off, Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy showed us why they need to be onscreen together more often as they sang a duet to introduce the best actress in a TV drama nominations.

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