The 2012 Golden Globes and Gay Degrees of Separation

Gervais was obviously tickled to be back after last year’s brouhaha over his controversial hosting style. “The Hollywood Foreign Press have warned me that if I insult any of you, or any of them, or offend any viewers or cause controversy whatsoever … they’ll definitely invite me back again next year as well.”

Our favorite bit from the opening alluded to Gervais’ merciless comments about Mel Gibson in last year’s show. Reading from a list of “rules” the HFP gave him for the evening, he said, “I mustn’t mention Mel Gibson this year — not his private life, his politics, his recent films or especially not Jodie Foster‘s Beaver. I haven’t seen it myself. I’ve spoken to a lot of guys — they haven’t seen it either. But that doesn’t mean it’s not good.”

Those gorgeous kids in the background are Jodie’s sons. Lucky boys.

For the most part, though, Gervais kept things fairly tame. I don’t know if we were just ready for anything after last year or he decided to tone things down. But just as last year, the good-humored celebs enjoyed him and the others just enjoyed each other. Well, except for Sir Elton, who enjoyed no one.

The awards themselves provided a good game of Six Degrees of Gay, although most needed much fewer than six connections. See if you can connect the queer dots as we go.

Best supporting actor drama went to Christopher Plummer, who played a gay man in Beginners. Best actress in a TV comedy was Laura Dern for Enlightened, who played the woman that motivated Ellen to come out on her sitcom.

Since Dern’s career suffered for a few years as a result of her appearance on the show, the award is especially sweet to those of us who have been able to live more openly “after Ellen.”

Introducing the best TV comedy actress category provided one of the Globes’ best moments: Tina Fey photobombing Amy Poehler‘s close-up.

No wonder we love these women.

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