The 2010 Hot 100


17. Tegan Quin*

This past year, Tegan has released two albums — Sainthood and The Alligator Remix LP — with twin sister Sara, produced a record for Char2D2 and announced that the band will be part of the Lilith Fair resurgence this summer, which they will make time for in between tour dates with pop punk band Paramore.

As a musician who is always open to talking to the fans as well as the press, Tegan makes herself available to the people who are always wanting more from her, which includes some avid Tweeting on her part, on behalf of the band. We want her to know we just can’t get enough, musically or otherwise.

18. Sara Quin*

In one of the closest calls on the Hot 100 this year, Sara fell just slightly short of her sister — which is only because her fans were voting hard for her on the Top 10 Bi/Lesbian Women, where she came out ahead. Sara’s achievements this year include the aforementioned two albums with Tegan, as well as a developing side project she is keeping quiet on for now.

Together, the sisters also released a book, On, In, At, and a hit song with DJ Tiesto, "Feel it in My Bones." They also kept us laughing with the hilarious video blog, Reflections, while out on their endless tours.

They are the hardest working twins in show business, and we appreciate their efforts, both collaboratively and individually.

19. Lady Gaga*

It’s hard to imagine a time when Gaga wasn’t a household name. The bisexual musician talked about having relationships with women with Barbara Walters, kissed an androgynous prisonmate in the video for "Telephone," and sang the hell out of every single she performed live on television or on The Fame Monster Tour. (Did you know that her debut television performance was on Logo for the NewNowNext Awards in 2008? We gays found her first!)

She strapped it on for Q Magazine, wore outrageous outfits for artistic expression and gave us performances and music videos we couldn’t stop talking about for weeks on end. It’s no wonder we feel like reemerging pop stars can’t compare.

Lady Gaga calls herself the mother of all the little monsters, which would definitely put her in the category of a MILF.

20. Sarah Shahi

For some of us, this year’s Hot 100 number 20 will always and forever be Carmen de la Pica Morales. The dumbest thing Shane ever did, (besides posing in her underwear) was standing Carmen up at the alter. Oh well. Water. Bridge. Under. Seriously, let it go.

Last seen as recovering addict, Detective Dani Reese, on the now-defunct NBC show, Life, Shahi has hung up her badge and gun and moved onto new projects. For USA Network, she’ll play Kate Reed, a lawyer who becomes a mediator in Facing Kate. Do we need another show about legal drama? Probably not, but if Sarah is mediating, it’s likely to be a win-win for her and the viewers.

To round out her year, she’ll be opposite Dexter‘s Michael C. Hall in something called East Fifth Bliss. Don’t ask us why, but her character’s name is Hattie Skunk.

Did we mention Sarah has a brown belt in karate, is a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and speaks Persian and some Spanish? A woman who looks like that, can kick your ass, do a split and is a cunning linguist. Yup. Sarah Shahi is our kind of girl.

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