The 2010 Hot 100


12. Ellen Page

If there was one part of Whip It that didn’t disappoint it was Ellen’s performance as Bliss Cavalier, a teenage waitress with dreams of playing roller derby. Posing in a liplock and other various Sapphic scenarios for the Marie Claire spread with Drew Barrymore also gave us a reminder that Ellen was one to vote for again this year.

Her new thriller, Inception, co-starring Leonardo Dicaprio, comes out in theaters this July, and two other upcoming projects — Super and a rumored Michel Gondry film — are making us feel a little bit better about her dropping out of Jack & Diane.

We’re still wondering, though, what happened to the feature version of Freeheld she was said to be part of. Hopefully it is still in our future, like the HBO show, Stitch ‘N Bitch, she’s penning with friend Alia Shawkat.

13. Angelina Jolie*

When you’re hunting for images of Angelina Jolie, it’s never a matter of finding the one that looks best. It’s more an excruciating task of choosing just one from literally hundreds of photos, each one more gorgeous than the last. Honestly, could this job get any worse/better?

Jolie is one half of one of the most beautiful couples on the planet, a humanitarian who looks stunning in both a grimy double holster and a red carpet gown, and makes you want to come back in your next life as tattoo ink. What more is there to say that hasn’t already been said?

How about the fact that she will star as Evelyn Salt, a CIA agent that was originally written as a man and going to be played by Tom Cruise? Oh, wait. We already said that.

Between making at least one movie a year since 1995, raising her ever-growing brood, and advocating for international charities, it’s hard to believe Angelina never looks tired. And yet, she never does. We almost want to hate her, but with lips like those, who could?

14. Leisha Hailey*

She might not be number one on our list anymore, but she hasn’t gotten too far away from the top slot, either. And even though The L Word spin-off, The Farm, was never picked up by Showtime, Leisha has continued to act on TV (Lifetime’s Maneater) and film (2009′s Make Up).

But every true Leisha fan knows that she has maintained a public persona as half of the musical duo Uh Huh Her.

Along with bandmate Camila Grey, Leisha is working on their second full-length for release later this year. They just recently played live at L Beach, Germany’s new version of the Dinah Shore Weekend. Any Uh Huh Her performance is great, but having Leisha Hailey at the helm of a great band makes it an even better experience.

15. Rachel Maddow*

In a world where most media isn’t held to a standard of logic (or even honesty), Rachel Maddow swims in the abandoned integrity end of the political punditry pool. In her third year as the host of MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show, she has tackled injustice and called for reform on issues from every corner of the globe. And she’s done it in a way that is unapologetically gay.

In her superhero downtime this year, Maddow found time to pose with her partner, Susan Mikula in People magazine, to stop by The View to school Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and to make the late night talk show rounds mixing Prohibition-era cocktails. If adorkable and brilliant is the new hot, we’re excited about the future!

16. Lea Michele

In Glee‘s freshman midseason finale, Lea Michele belted out Streisand’s Funny Girl classic, "Don’t Rain on My Parade" — and it seems like the world got the message. It’s been less than a year since Fox rolled out the musical dramedy, and already Michele has been nominated for a Golden Globe, a Screen Actors Guild Award, a Teen Choice Award and a NewNowNext Award (for Brink of Fame: Actor); she’s been on the cover of eight magazines; she’s visited Oprah — and The White House.

Maybe it’s her talent. Maybe it’s those eyes. Maybe it’s the fact that every time we see her in a photo, she’s cuddled up to co-star Dianna Agron. Or maybe Lea Michele is just a perfect storm of hotness. We bet she’ll be even hotter when she brings home the EGOT.

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