The 2010 Hot 100


1. Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde has made our Hot 100 list every year since its inception, each time climbing higher in the ranks: number 53 in 2007, number 30 in 2008, and number 19 in 2009. With nowhere to go but up, it’s no shocker that Thirteen is now number 1.

The daughter of two journalists who took her screen name from Oscar Wilde, Olivia continues to breathe life into her House character, complicated bisexual Dr. Remy Hadley. Anyone named after a cognac is A-OK in our book.

Wilde is also set to star with Daniel Craig in the 2011 release of Cowboys & Aliens, a comic-based story about Apaches and settlers who put aside their differences when space aliens come to town. She’ll be playing Ella, a mysterious stranger who joins Craig’s motley posse of human defenders. We can only hope she gets to follow in the dusty footsteps of Sharon Stone in The Quick and the Dead and wear some chaps.

Whether Olivia is sporting her natural blond locks, or smoldering as a brunette, it’s that face that gets us where we live. With cheekbones that were obviously sculpted by angels and eyes that make us forget our own names, Olivia continues to captivate, fascinate and infatuate. Is there a doctor in the house? Because we’re having heart palpitations.

2. Kristen Stewart

Whether you are a Twi-hard who went to see New Moon on opening night or a music fan that got all revved up over her role as Joan Jett in The Runaways, it was clear to us all year that the 20-year-old we affectionally refer to as KStew is one of our favorite new actors.

Kristen is not your typical starlet, which is probably why queer women appreciate her so much. She’d rather go to a music festival like Coachella or stay home with her cat — as she recently told Oprah — than walk the red carpet, and that is OK by us.

With upcoming projects like the transexual prison love story, K-11 co-starring Nikki Reed, an adaption of On the Road and, of course, Eclipse, we can’t wait to see more of Kristen doing what she does best — acting.

3. Lily Loveless

It may have taken Naomi Campbell an entire Skins series to confess that she had fallen into full-blown, color-changing, world-wrecking love with Emily Fitch, but it only took us one episode to realize we were going to adore Lily Loveless in a forever kind of way.

Whether she was building a kingdom of walls around herself with eff-off glances and caustic quips, or watching with hopeful trepidation as Emily demolished every barrier, or finally finding the courage to step through the rubble and build a world around herself and Emily, Loveless infused Naomi with uncommon warmth and authenticity. When Naomi smiled, we smiled. When Naomi cried, we cried. When Naomi spoke, well, we sometimes had to rewind to listen to the dialogue again because Lily Loveless’ eyes enchant us.

She didn’t expect to be cast in Skins Gen Two because she turned 18 just before the cutoff (and unlike American TV, Skins likes their teenage characters to look like teenagers). And when she was cast, she didn’t expect to become one half of Britain’s favorite lesbian couple. But she has handled the fame (and lesbian stampedes) with grace and good humor, even insisting in an interview with Diva that Naomi and Emily’s future is "Married!"

And it’s not over. The Skins movie? We hear it’s happening.

4. Sara Ramirez

We were always going to keep watching Grey’s Anatomy for Sara Ramirez, even after the Parking Lot Debacle of ’08 — but if it’s possible, Callie’s romance with Jessica Capshaw‘s Arizona Robbins has made us love her even more. Ramirez brings a beautiful blend of vulnerability and confidence to Dr. Callie Torres, making us sigh and swoon and rewind again and again.

Ramirez doesn’t just stand out in the ensemble cast on Grey’s, she stands out on primetime TV full-stop. In addition to being a deliciously curvy woman of color, she will be the only leading lesbian/bisexual character on network TV when the season starts this fall. We couldn’t have made a better choice if we’d picked her ourselves.

5. Portia de Rossi*

Last year’s #1, Mrs. Ellen DeGeneres still enjoys the view from her lofty perch in the top five. The Hot 100 veteran is not only our favorite WILF, she smart, funny, out and Australian. But you already knew that.

Sadly, her show, Better Off Ted was recently canceled, but don’t you worry about Portia. It only gives her more time to prepare for the movie version of Arrested Development, which is being written as we speak, and set for a 2011 release, and hunt down mystery animals in her enormous backyard.

Speaking of backyards, Ellen and Portia were voted the second most desirable celebrity neighbors of 2010. (The Obamas came in first.) Who wouldn’t want to live next door to the world’s most visible lesbian couple? We bet neither of them take out the trash in their bathrobes, although in Portia’s case, would that be such a bad thing?

And when it comes to furthering LGBT equality, Portia does more than her share. Because when she’s not eloquently bitchslapping Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Portia shows the world how awesome lesbians are, simply by being Portia.

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