The 2008 Hot 100



(No. 63 in 2007)

Six years after Xena: Warrior Princess went off the air, Renée O’Connor is still on our minds. Active in charity work, Renee heads up the Renée O’Connor Outreach Fund, which helps give money and support to families overwhelmed by bills from a serious illness. She’s a fixture at Xena fan conventions, and just when we thought she couldn’t get any hotter, she’ll be playing a lesbian in a multi-episode arc on Lifetime’s hit show Army Wives when it returns later this month. The summer just got even hotter!


(No. 8 in 2007)

This Brazilian-American actress with gorgeous features started her career in the soaps, and gained more exposure in films in the 1990s like The Faculty and The Fast and the Furious. But lesbians know her best as the "evil" lesbian agent who stole our hearts in D.E.B.S. We’ve always been a sucker for the bad girls …


(No. 29 in 2007)

An Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winner, Mary-Louise has kept herself busy in the entertainment business. Although we fell in love with her in 1991′s Fried Green Tomatoes and loved her as a sexy political operative on The West Wing, we’re thrilled we get to see her hilarious facial expressions and fearless acting skills regularly now on television. On Weeds, she plays a single mom of two who will do anything to keep her family on the right track. In real life, she’s a single mom of two who also manages to star on a fabulously funny cable show. Hot mama!



Christina Cox first made a splash with lesbians as the butchy girl in 1999′s Better Than Chocolate, and this year, she kicked some undead ass while wearing a sexy ponytail and glasses as Vicki Nelson on the Lifetime series Blood Ties. But Cox cemented her place in our hearts in 3Way‘s show-within-a-show, Ladycops, which spoofed her role as a closeted lesbian cop in Nikki & Nora, the best lesbian pilot that never got picked up.



South of Nowhere would be, er, nowhere without 23-year-old Gabrielle Christian. As the teen drama’s protagonist, Spencer, Christian’s portrayal of a teenager struggling with her sexuality has been realistic and moving, and her on-again, off-again relationship with Mandy Musgrave’s Ashley has been one of the sexiest on TV. Off-screen, Gabi works tirelessly to raise money for her mother’s SIDS charity, and she recently became the spokesperson for the organization FAIR Fund, which works to stop child trafficking. The cousin of late actor Spencer Tracy (of Hepburn and Tracy fame), Christian will have to take on other roles when SoN wraps up later this year, but she proved she can do that when she showed up on CSI: Miami and Numb3rs earlier this year. Something tells me we’ll be following her wherever she goes.

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