The 2008 Hot 100



The fact that Ellen Page didn’t even rank on last year’s Hot 100 is just a sign of how meteoric her rise to stardom has been in the wake of her Oscar nomination for Best Actress in Juno. That role — of a sarcastic, unexpectedly pregnant teen — put Page on the Hollywood map, but it was the character’s down-to-earth personality (OK, and maybe her sensible shoes) that made queer women sit up and take notice. It didn’t hurt that Page lampooned the rumors about her being gay in a hilarious Saturday Night Live skit. Contrary to the stereotype, being "hot" to lesbians clearly includes having a sense of humor.


(No. 5 in 2007)

Though her onscreen fiancé Shane (Kate Moennig) has already moved on, many of us are still waiting for Sarah Shahi’s character, Carmen de la Pica Morales, to strut back into her life on The L Word. It’s a testament to Shahi’s acting chops, yes, but also to her sheer animal magnetism. But she threw her lesbian fans a bone when she signed on to play a cop in Life, sporting aviators, a service revolver and a dysfunctional personal life — just like we like ‘em! Look for her next in the upcoming feature-length film, The Adventures of Beatle Boyin, in which she plays a “stripper/hooker” and the title character’s lesbian love-interest.


(No. 80 in 2007)

Sara Ramirez may be TV’s newest queer character, but the Grey’s Anatomy star was sexy to lesbian and bi women even before she played gay. The Mexican-American actress and Juilliard graduate has recorded a Spanish-language PSA about homophobia for GLAAD, won Tonys for her musical talents on Broadway, and is proud "to represent a group of women who aren’t stick-thin." Her character’s bisexual awakening on Grey’s last month couldn’t have come at a better time, given the dearth of queer women on network TV, and it made Sara even hotter. So hot, in fact, that if it wasn’t for her heterosexual lifestyle, Sara just might be the perfect woman.


(No. 17 in 2007)

Ah, Shane … um, Kate Moennig. Both the actor and the character are sexy, tomboyish and speak with a low-key self-confidence that sends many a woman’s heart aflutter. Is it a surprise that Liz Feldman couldn’t tell the difference between them? Say what you will about Shane’s hair, but Moennig has turned her L Word character into an icon for heartbreakers everywhere.


(No. 4 in 2007)

Ever since she stole the bride’s heart (and many a female viewer’s as well) in Imagine Me & You, British actor Lena Headey has found new and different ways to tantalize us. She’s played a sexy, greased-up Queen Gorgo in the battle epic 300, and reprised the legendary cinematic role of badass pistol uzi-packing mama Sarah Connor for television in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Off-screen, Headey is a vegetarian, a practitioner of yoga, and is studying boxing, proving that in both film and in real life, she seems to know exactly what lesbians like.

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