The 2007 Hot 100

16. Jodie Foster
What makes Jodie Foster so sexy lies beyond the empirical. Sure, she has the great graveled voice, the ice-blue eyes, the sharpened-hatchet cheekbones. But what is so inherently hot about her is her undeniable intelligence. Well, that and the fact that she perhaps was cinema’s cutest little tomboy ever.

17. Kate Moennig
From playing a teenage girl pretending to be a boy in Young Americans (2000) to a woman on The L Word who gets all the girls without even trying, Kate makes androgyny cool — and hot, all at the same time.

18. Elizabeth Mitchell
Many of us first fell in love with Elizabeth Mitchell in Gia. Who can forget that sexy chain-link fence scene with Angelina Jolie (No. 2)? As if that weren’t enough to earn her a lesbian following, she went on to woo Dr. Kerry Weaver (Laura Innes) on ER — a romance that continues to inspire fan fiction. Her recent turn as the enigmatic Juliet on Lost has reminded us that sometimes blond-haired and blue-eyed can be really badass. And what’s sexier than a hearty, infectious laugh?

19. Halle Berry
We don’t always get her movie choices (Catwoman? Really?) but Halle brings old Hollywood glamour to even the most bloated of modern blockbusters (Die Another Day, X-Men).  So it’s no surprise that when she turns up in a decent movie (Monster’s Ball), she brings home Oscar gold.  Yeah, she’s talented, and yeah, she’s beautiful. But it’s all of that combined with her special brand of vulnerability that makes us sigh … and want to kick Adrien Brody’s bony ass.

20. Simone Lahbib
As Helen Stewart in the U.K. prison drama Bad Girls, Simone Lahbib faced physical threats, infuriating injustices and a fascinating personal journey that included falling in love with lifer Nikki Wade (Mandana Jones, who almost made our list, too). When Simone says “I want a woman” in her last Bad Girls episode, you believe her — and you rewind it over and over and over. Lahbib went on to star in Monarch of the Glen and Wire in the Blood, but to us, she’ll always be the sultry Wing Governor with the swoony Scottish accent, not to mention the cutest gap-toothed grin ever to grace the BBC.

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