The 2007 Hot 100

6. Jennifer Beals
The producers of The L Word surely thanked their lucky stars when they snagged Beals for the role of Bette Porter, and we’re down on our knees too. She’s a flawless beauty who knows how to play a flawed character — and how to rock a power suit.

7. Tina Fey
Whether she’s behind the "Weekend Update" desk or running the show on 30 Rock, Tina is living proof that funny is sexy. And that smart is sexy. And that cool shoes and glasses are sexy. And that cleavage and great hair and lovely brown eyes are sexy. Oh, forget it: Tina is just living proof of sexy.

8. Jordana Brewster
She was born in Panama to a Brazilian Sports Illustrated swimsuit-model mother, and we can only hope Jordana follows in the the family tradition someday. Those teeth, those eyes, that luxurious hair. As the fictitious criminal mastermind Lucy Diamond in Angela Robinson’s D.E.B.S., and as a real-life Yale grad, Jordana’s beauty is surpassed only by her brains. Or is it the other way around?

9. Salma Hayek
She’s been a head-turner since she first appeared on film, but Salma solidified her lesbian following when she tangoed with Ashley Judd in Frida. And then she threw some power and business savvy into her bag of tricks, turning a Colombian telenovela into the American prime-time hit Ugly Betty.
Speaking of which, how about that eye-popping, button-popping elevator scene? Salma’s appeal is global in every sense of the word.

10. Natalie Portman
“Discovered” at the age of 12 in a pizza parlor by a Revlon agent, Natalie Portman always knew she wanted more than a modeling career. She’s played a quirky girl from New Jersey (Garden State), a queen (Star Wars I, II and III) and a fugitive in an Orwellian state (V for Vendetta) — and in the latter, she even had her head shaved on camera. Bald really is beautiful.

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