The 20 most female empowering TV moments of 2012


The women of the Olympics do their thing

Nothing got out girl-power fists bumping this year like watching the world’s most elite female athletes compete in the London Olympics. Go, world!

The Troubletones reunite for a glorious moment (Glee)

The all-female alternate glee club was one of our favorite things to ever happen on the show we love to hate. Sadly, it was short lived and the ladies ended up back in New Directions where insufferable men-child continued to be the order of the day. But for just a minute at Nationals, they reunited on stage for a smokin’ rendition of “Edge of Glory” that had us cheering out loud.

Emily Fields scores her first kill, gets the girl (Pretty Little Liars)

Everyone in Rosewood expected Emily to fall apart after her second girlfriend in as many years was axe-murdered, and while she did have one drunken night (of a thousand nights), she ultimately got her revenge on the killer. And she also grabbed Paige McCullers and commanded her not to look away, because Emily Fields is brave enough to love with her whole heart (again and again).

Britta Perry is not a whore, but she did the math, and if she were, she’d be the super classy kind that gets flown to Dubai to stay in an underwater hotel. (Community)

Community has always taken the piss out of Britta for being an ardent but naive feminist. This year, she softened a bit around the edges as she pulled the philosophies of feminism out of the ether and began to reconcile them with the real world. Yet she was as tough and anti-patriarchal as ever. She also refused to be slut-shamed just because she likes sex.

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