The 20 hottest lesbian sex scenes in the history of TV


Maria and Samantha’s “So You Think You’re a Lesbian” Sex, Sex and the City

Not even a strap-on could cure Samantha’s penis-drive, but her three-episode foray into lesbianism was as hilarious as it was hot. Also, it was the first time we ever saw her have feelings.

Maya and Emily’s “Under the Sea” Sex, Pretty Little Liars

Maya and Emily were on and then they were off and then they were on and then they were off and then they were on fire. Maya decorated Emily’s bedroom like the ocean, and they both dove in.

Melanie and Lindsey’s “Tibette Schimette” Sex, Queer as Folk

We figure Melanie and Lindsay grew weary of being compared to Bette and Tina, so we always appreciated it when they had all the sex to show us who was boss. Well, except that time they threw a bunch of vases at each other and did it on the kitchen table. That scared us a little bit.

Naomi and Emily’s “Fuck It, Go Ahead and Disappoint Me” Sex, Skins

Let the record show that blowbacks and skinny-dipping are the gateway to full-fledged lesbiansm.

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