The 20 hottest lesbian sex scenes in the history of TV


Shane and Carmen’s “Literally Every Sex Scene Ever” Sex, The L Word

We polled our AfterEllen writers about their favorite lesbian sex scene and the overwhelming winner was Carmen and Shane. Which sex scene? All of them, all the time.

Thirteen and Whoever’s “Too Hot for Primetime” Sex, House

No, for real. Fox released a 30-second promo of Thirteen doing the deed with a lady friend, but when the episode aired, it had been scaled back to a blip of tangled lips. Doesn’t matter, though. The scene happened. YouTube is our witness.

Kalinda and Lana’s “The Garage Door is Open” Sex, The Good Wife

Their first kiss happened behind a closed garage door and we were like, “What? No! Come on!” Their second kiss happened in front of our very eyes and we were like, “What! Yes! Do it!” And oh, they did.

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