The 20 hottest lesbian sex scenes in the history of TV


Ellen and Sharon Stone’s “Who’s Laughing Now” Sex, If These Walls Could Talk 2

Back before Ellen was dancing around in our living rooms every day of the week, she did a little bedroom dance with Sharon Stone in an HBO made-for-TV movie about the lives of loves of lesbian ladies. (Want to see Ellen blush about it? Here you go.)

Sue and Maud’s “Finger This, Fingersmith” Sex, Fingersmith

Secret identities. Double crossings. Two ladies having sex to “practice” for their husbands. Pretty much like Baptist church camp, honestly (minus the intrigue).

Frankie and Cat’s “Let’s Never Text” Sex, Lip Service

This is how we like to remember Frankie and Cat, caught in a moment of happiness and hopefulness and not dead-ness.

Gia and Linda’s “Makeup Artist and Her Model Muse” Sex, Gia

It’s a sad story with a sad ending, but the middle part where Angelina Jolie and Elizabeth Mitchell roll around in the bed? That part is pretty great.

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