The 17 Biggest OMG Moments of “True Blood” Season 3

9. The Sookie vs. Debbie knife fight.

The setup: Female knife fights are always a fun time, and this showdown between Sookie and Alcide’s trashy ex-girlfriend didn’t disappoint. The scene wouldn’t have been out of place in a Quentin Tarantino movie.

8. "I’m a fairy? How f—–g lame is that?"

Yes, after two years of buildup and that cheesy magical grotto dream sequence, we thought so too.

The setup: After hinting about it for the longest time, the show finally got around to voicing what fans of the books already knew: Sookie Stackhouse is part fairy. It was a clever touch having Sookie’s reaction to this news roughly mirror that of the audience. 

7. Jesus and Lafayette’s morning after.

"You were a lot cuter last night."

The setup: After a V-induced night of past life flashbacks, Lafayette turns to look at Jesus and is greeted with a horrifying demon face. Was it a hallucination? Or something else more sinister? Whatever it was, like Lafayette it had us jumping right off the couch. 

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