The 17 Biggest OMG Moments of “True Blood” Season 3

12. Sam on a leash.

The setup: Shapeshifter Sam Merlotte goes undercover on the dogfighting circuit by morphing into a sweet-natured pit bull. When he morphs back he hilariously looks like he’d be right at home at the roughest of leather bars.



11. Biscuits Girl makes herentrance.

The setup: Hoyt is still pining over Jessica, but that doesn’t stop "good girl" Summer from showing up on his doorstep. She offers up her delicious home-made biscuits and jam as if she’s gifting him her virginity. It’s a hopeless cause, but her superficially chaste yet actually brazen attempts to win Hoyt’s affections are riotously funny. More Biscuits Girl in season four, please. 


10. Jessica dispatchesa werewolf.

The setup:  Russell sends his werewolves to collect Sookie and awkward new vampire Jessica looks to be collateral damage. Good thing Bill gave her a training session on supernatural fighting just that afternoon! From helpless quarry to bloodthirsty killer, it was enormously gratifying seeing her take out Wolfman Swayze.

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