The 11 most swoon-worthy TV moments of 2013

3. Lauren Lewis Zoie Palmers Barefoot Across a Field (Lost Girl)


‘Nuff said.

2. Paige and Emily Plan Their U-Haul Life (Pretty Little Liars)


For one shining moment in Rosewood, PA, Emily Fields looked at the grinning face of the girl with whom she’d been through hell (and in inadvertent roofie loop) and said yes to a future, together, far away from the murders and the masks and poisoned sports creams and car-jacking dolls and zombie ex-girlfriends and the the GLASS IN HER HAIR. Yes, she loved Paige. Yes, she would follow Paige to Stanford. Yes to moving the beds closer! To puffy drapes! To staying alive! (Also yes to Shay Mitchell‘s shoulders in this scene.)

1. Lena Throws Her Book for Stef (The Fosters)


On The Fosters Stef was a real pain in the butt about her wedding, but after working out that her dad’s disapproval was causing her to internalize a lot of shame, she confronted him, uninvited him to her wedding, and went home to beg Lena’s forgiveness. Four words into Stef’s apology, Lena threw the book she was reading across the room and pulled Stef into bed with her. (Runner-up: “You had me at lesbian.”)

What TV moment made you swoon the most in 2013?

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