The 11 most swoon-worthy TV moments of 2013


7. Callie and Arizona Can’t Help Themselves (Grey’s Anatomy)


Yeah, yeah, yeah, Grey’s Anatomy. We get it. Callie cut off Arizona’s leg, Arizona cheated with Dr. Peyton Tree Hill. Shit happens in every marriage, you know. But despite their anger and sadness and the million blame-games between them, when Callie and Arizona give into each other, they frikkin’ give in to each other. For a couple whose lack of sex was the main plot of season ten, they sure did do it real good during the season 11 midseason finale.

6. Mulan Loves Aurora (She Really Loves Aurora!) (Once Upon a Time)


There is nothing quite like shipping a subtext couple only to finally have your feelings validated by a show’s writers. On Once Upon a Time, When Mulan’s face finally confessed that she is head over heels in love with another Disney princess, I was torn between melting into a puddle of swoon goop or fist-pumping and hollering, “I knew it!” (Because you guys told me it was going to happen! And I believed you!)

5. Delphine Knows Cosima’s Clone Number (Orphan Black)


There shouldn’t be anything romantic about the woman who spied her way into your heart (and bed) telling you she knows your clone tag number, but I’ll be damned if Delphine saying “324b21″ didn’t feel like some sci-fi wedding vows. It probably helps when the spy in question looks and sounds like Evelyne Brochu. Four for you, Orphan Black.

4. Santana and Brittany Walk Off Stage Together in Silence (Glee)


When Heather Morris decided to leave Glee because of her real-life pregnancy, the writers finally did the best thing they’ve ever done for our beloved Brittana: They shut the heck up. Some emotions are too powerful for words and some relationships transcend the chatter. After the curtain closed, Santana and Brittany were the last ones standing, together, hand-in-hand.

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