The 10 most exciting things about the “Pretty Little Liars” Season 3 trailer

7) The Chamber of Secrets is still open.

You make a belt out of some basilisk fangs, you’re gonna pay the price, Montgomery.

8) Ezbianism is still in full effect.

Look at that homosexual, just comparing Aria to a summer’s day. He’ll be going public with it on his website page any second now.

9) Lucas is back to his muddy shoe shenanigans.

Good Lucas was so boring Hanna rightfully tried to drown him. It looks like he’s back to his brooding and grave-smashing and, like, hanging out with the Black Swan. Now if he and Caleb will just makeout already, my joy will be complete.

10) Emily won’t be sad forever.

I was afraid her heart was going to break into actual pieces for all of time after her cry-face during the finale, but she’s going to survive and thrive and kiss even more girls on the mouth, I just know it. (Also, Marlene King said so. So.)

Are you excited for season three of Pretty Little Liars? Which part are you most psyched about?

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