The 10 most exciting things about the “Pretty Little Liars” Season 3 trailer


4) Emily’s dead girlfriends are still flirting with her from beyond the grave.

Texting her, sending her jewelry, probably making out with her in one of the six hundred abandoned barns that populate the town of Rosewood, PA. I look forward to the appearance of the Ghost of Alison DiLaurentis Present and the Ghost Maya Yet to Come.

5) All the people still want to get their makeout on with Spencer Hastings.

In a thirty second promo, you’ve got Toby getting shirtless in Spencer’s presence, Emily sharing a romantic fireside chat with Spencer, and Aria looking at her in that special “We’re always going to be Team Sparia, huh Spence?” kind of way.

6) More graves are gonna get dug/dug up.

And, God willing, it’ll happen with some homemade porn being projected onto a tombstone in the background.

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