The 10 Most Eligible Queer Bachelorettes


Ruby Rose

Location: Australia
Profession: Model/TV personality/musician/DJ/what-do-you-need-she-will-do-it.
Pros: Ruby can rock any hairstyle, so she could basically be anyone’s type.
Cons: She tends to date other models. Not that you aren’t pretty.

Kate McKinnon

Location: New York, New York

Profession: Comic/lesbian impersonator.
Pros: You will always know where she’s at on Saturday nights.
Cons: She’s always busy on Saturday nights.

Fortune Feimster

Location: Los Angeles, California

Profession: Comic/writer/life of the party.
Pros: Fortune has the manners and mentality of a Southern belle with the hilarious edge of an L.A. woman.
Cons: If Chelsea Handler calls, you might become second priority.

Jodie Foster

Location: Los Angeles, California

Profession: Actor/director. I mean, she’s Jodie Foster.
Pros: For starters, she was Clarice Fucking Starling.
Cons: You better like children, ex-lovers and the paparazzi.

Samantha Ronson

Location: Los Angeles, California

Profession:DJ/musician/Lindsay Lohan’s ex for life
Pros: Sam is always invited to the hottest clubs, parties and events, even if she’s working.
Cons: At some point you’ll probably be asked for your opinion on her singing.

Which one of these women could be your Valentine?

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