That’s What She Said: Shaved Heads, a Lesbian State, and Movies You Hate


Topic: Should I shave my head?

By MashimaroUsagi

From the Original Post:
"I just read the journal of a woman that shaved her head, all of the hair gone. I read about the bad experiences she’d had as well as the good ones. It’s made me really want to create my own experience, it’s made me curious to see what I look like bald. I want to feel something new. Why not shave my head? I honestly can’t think of any good reason not to."

Natalie Portman in V For Vendetta

Memorable Responses:
"I have a weird shaped skull, I can feel indents. Make sure it feels like your head is a nice shape!!! hahaha. Seriously tho, you should."

"If you’re gonna do it, do it now while it’s hot. I got all dramatic c–ty and chopped mine off in the dead of winter and froze my ass off, lol."

Why You Should Follow This Thread:
Here you can read amusing anecdotes from other women who have already taken the plunge. And, of course, there’s always the possibility that more heads will be shorn and hot (or tragic) posted photos will follow.

Topic: Movies You Are Supposed to Love But Hate

By Phaeble

Excerpt from the Original Post:
"Below are mine. How about yours?"

Raging Bull: Only saw a brief part. I just couldn’t get past what an a–hole he was.

Rocky: It is not the fighting thing. I love Fight Club. I don’t know, maybe I’ll watch again some day and remember something I liked about it. I cannot seem to get past the whole Stallone whining "Adrian" that inevitably pops into my head when I think about it.

Gone With the Wind: is. just. too. long.

Forrest Gump: HOW does anyone like this??

Boys Don’t Cry: It’s riveting. The acting is great. It’s all just too agonizing.

Dances with Wolves: Come ON.

Memorable Responses:
"In a similar thought, I have issue with most everything Jodie Foster and Claire Danes have been in. The last good Jodie Foster movie for me was Anna and the King, although Panic Room was ok. I can’t believe how bad Contact was. Not to mention the awful Maverick and Sommersby… As for Claire Danes, I also love seeing her on screen, but the price you have to pay. I recently suffered through watching Shopgirl. That’s time I will never get back… You owe me Claire!"

Claire Danes in Shopgirl

"This might get me ran off the board but as far as movies with lesbian characters, I’d have to say Under the Tuscan Sun. I knew as soon as the lesbian couple announced they were pregnant and one of them ran off to work, it was doomed."

"Twilight. OH DEAR GOD. I am so glad the hype from this film has gone down. Those two months or so were insufferable. Especially since the film was the very essence of terrible cinema: Bad acting, poor directing and no discernable plot whatsoever. Also? THE VAMPIRES SPARKLED."

Why You Should Follow This Thread:
Come here to speak your truth and not be mocked by your movie snob friends. Unfortunately for all of us, it’s a topic that never gets old, and there’s a never ending source of material for it direct from Hollywood. Iron Man, anyone?

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