Teresa Palmer and Dianna Agron talk “I Am Number Four”

As with any big budget action film, there is bound to be some mishaps amidst all the action components behind the scenes. In one moment that is heavily seen in the film’s trailer, a house explodes behind Palmer as she casually walks away, not flinching at the fire and debris supposedly close behind her. “I was doing my swagger and DJ Caruso [the film’s director] said ‘Go get ‘em girl! This is your shot!’ He said it was in slow motion [and] I was trying very hard to make it sexy and alluring but I’m wearing these high combat boots and I was walking in sand and I kept rolling my ankle and he’d yell ‘Stop wobbling! You’re wobbling too much!’”

The combat boots weren’t the only parts of wardrobe giving her trouble. “My sunglasses would fall off and I would trip over and everyone was like ‘What are you doing? This is meant to be the iconic shot of the movie!’” Thankfully, though, the director was happy with the end result. “The one that is in the movie is probably the only take that worked and you’d walk off and two guys running really quickly with a big green screen. Then you’d cut and walk out and we’d explode the house.”

Provided the first I Am Number Four is a hit, could we see some girl-on-girl action (perhaps in every sense of the word) in the sequels? Palmer hinted that a triangle could be in the works between her character, Alex Pettyfer (who plays the title character) and co-star Agron.

“I think it was hinted at vaguely. There’s definitely a bit of sexual chemistry between Four and Six but also some animosity and competitiveness between them but I think under all of that there is a bit of a romantic spark, as much as neither of them would want to admit that.” A Six/Sarah shipper could be just the thing to make a sequel truly rock to new heights.

For Agron, one bit of danger in taking on the human role of the love interest of alien Number Four (aka John, played by Alex Pettyfer) is that she steps far away from her role as Quinn on the popular Fox series Glee. The role of Sarah in the fill will not only expose her to a new audience but will also provide her with a chance to flex some different muscles than audiences have seen in her TV work. “I went straight from doing the [Glee] tour at Radio City Music Hall and then that night I flew to Pittsburgh. It was a real chance to step into a different world. At that point, I was at about two years of being on Glee and I think anytime, even if you’re on a TV show like ours and that’s the most of your year, if you have opportunity to stretch a different muscle, it can really invigorate that character again.”

While Agron is used to working with Jane Lynch, who plays the often-monstrous Sue Sylvester on Glee, in I Am Number Four, she was facing real monsters or at least the kind that look real once CGI and green screen are employed. How did she do acting horrified when there was nothing actually there during the time of shooting?

Agron explained that Caruso “did describe what was there for us and it would go to the tune of ‘Well, he’s about to the ceiling, coming through this window really fast and you need to get over there.’” Being the consummate professional, Agron wasn’t about to let the make-believe aspects of the job be too daunting. “There was a certain challenge to it,” she explained, “but at the same time you think ‘Let me change this around and think of a time when I was really scared.’”

Having seen the film for the first time just before this interview, Agron was blown away by the film and what the creative team pulled off with the special effects. “It was just amazing. The effects and they’ve accomplished, especially in such a short time. Normally, postproduction for a movie like this would take twice as long but they knew they wanted to come out sooner rather than later. I’m just really impressed and hopefully my reactions seem appropriate.”

Now that I Am Number Four is opening and she’ll have a short hiatus from Glee coming up, does Agron have any plans? “My backup plan is always that I’ll take a trip and that’s never a bad option. That’s a good option. It will definitely be good whether it’s working on a project or just taking my camera and going. I vowed that this summer it will be somewhere in Asia. I have done a lot of Europe and Australia and I feel if I go to Africa I may never come back!”

I Am Number Four opens nationwide this Friday. Glee airs every Tuesday at 8/7c on Fox.

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