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12:15 p.m. My Generation

“We’ll be meeting more characters,” Noah Hawley, creator/executive producer of My Generation said of the potential of featuring a gay character. “The other great thing about the premise is that we have these nine characters and we have the whole high school class we can meet over time. Characters have siblings and relationships. As we grow the cast we’re going to continue to push the diversity. That’s important to us.”

“I do believe there are some gay people in Texas,” exec producer Warren Littlefield added.

Asked after the session what Elizabeth Keener’s role as the show’s filmmaker entailed, Hawley said the writing staff is still developing her story line.

“Nothing is set in stone yet because we’re still writing toward that thing but I think there’s still the idea that there’s a personal reason that she went back to be with these people, in many ways, to this time in her life,” he said. “I don’t want to give away too much except to say that the year 2000 for her was probably a great moment in her life and now maybe 10 years later the film was never released and maybe she’s making corporate videos. So there’s a moment that she wants to go back to revisit these people because she’s also looking back to that time in her life as well. One of my favorite moments in film is in Sex Lies and Videotape where she takes the camera from him and puts him on the spot. I’m excited to earn the right to do that.”

You can hear her narrating as the filmmaker in the teaser for the show.


And how many episodes will Keener fans have to wait to see Dawn Denbo? “It’s not going to be right away,” Hawley said. “I think the audience has to get used to the show and the characters before you start to do that.”

My Generation premieres Thursday, Sept. 23.

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