TCA Report: ABC, Dana Delany on “Body of Proof,” Andrea Anders wants to date a girl on “Mr. Sunshine”

11:30 a.m. Body of Proof

Dana Delany talked about taking a new role as neurosurgeon-turned-medical examiner on Body of Proof over her part as Katherine on Desperate Housewives saying she had “a great three years. When ABC came to me with this opportunity, it was an offer I can’t refuse. Marc Cherry was great. He said he didn’t want to get in the way of me having my own show and that I’m always welcome back.”

She gave us some more insight later on.

AfterEllen: Lesbian fans adored you on Desperate Housewives. What was it like departing the show?
Dana Delany:
I was sad. This is all very unexpected that this show came up. It all happened in one week. Originally Julie Benz’s character was supposed to leave so that Katherine could figure out who she was without it being because of the relationship. But I’m kind of glad about the way it ended, I really am. I’m glad that it ended romantically, that they went off to Paris. I imagine them drinking wine and eating cheese and being madly in love. I hope it stays that way.

AE: Same here, it’s not very often that lesbian couples get to live happily ever after in film or TV.
I know! I got really wonderful letters from women about that story. There was one woman who really touched me — I still have the letter — who said that there was a scene in one episode where we kissed and Julie’s character presses me and says, “No, it did mean something,” and I say, “Yes, it mattered. It counted.” And this woman wrote me and said, “For all the times that a straight woman says, ‘I was drunk,’ ‘I didn’t know what I was doing,’ ‘It was just a phase’ — for you to say that it mattered meant a lot to me.

AE: So what will lesbians like about Body of Proof?
The reaction to the show has been very interesting because I hear from a lot of women, “I love this character because she’s so strong and smart and kick-ass.” And from the men, they say, “Why does she have to be such a know-it-all?” [Laughs]

AE: Because men don’t like to be wrong?
That’s what I thought! But people are going to like how tough she is. And she is smart.

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