TCA Report: ABC, Dana Delany on “Body of Proof,” Andrea Anders wants to date a girl on “Mr. Sunshine”


10:45 Mr. Sunshine

Andrea Anders joined the new drama revolving around a San Diego arena and its troubled manager (Matthew Perry) two days after Better Off Ted was canceled. “I was sad, but you know, ef them!” she joked during the panel for Mr. Sunshine.

In the post-panel scrum, Anders responded to her character being described by the network as a “tomboy”:

AE: Your character in the press notes is described as very tomboy-ish.
I have two older brothers and I’m from Wisconsin, so I am pretty tomboy-ish. But I also like to look pretty. [Laughs] I think that most people are both things anyway. I can climb a good tree and talk dirty. [Laughs]

AE: Are we going to get to see any of that?
Yeah, I think so. I’m climbing a tree in the second episode — and talking dirty while climbing the tree.

AE: What’s your relationship to Matthew Perry’s character?
We’re friends with benefits. During the pilot I tell him that I’d rather have more — and with someone else. I’m sure I’ll end up with him at some point. 9Laughs]

AE: Any stops with women along the way?
Like if my character might get it on with a girl? Yeah, I hope so! Let’s talk to Matthew about that, that’d be fantastic! If they want me to get it on with a girl, I’m all about that! I think that’s fantastic.

AE: You and co-star Allison Janney?
Yeah! Me and Allison! In fact, I’d like to come out right now, on the record. No, I’m just kidding. I’m very straight, unfortunately. But I think dating a girl would be great.

Mr. Sunshine premieres in 2011.


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