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9 a.m. The Big C

One of Showtime’s new series is The Big C, which follows Lara Linney as Kathy, a middle-aged woman diagnosed with terminal cancer. Instead of crying over time left on earth, she cashes out her 401(k) and gets to living life.

I’ve seen the first three episodes and I have to say the show boasts stellar writing and Linney is great as an uptight woman who suddenly decides to behave as eccentrically as possible while not telling anyone her diagnosis.

We found out early on that out actress Cynthia Nixon would appear in the first season, and that Gabourey Sidibe plays one of Kathy’s high school students, Andrea. The exchanges between Linney and Sidibe are always comical, and one scenario involves a paint gun.

Executive producer Jenny Bicks gave us the scoop on a lesbian character coming to the show.

Marlene (Phyllis Somerville) is Kathy’s older and cranky neighbor, a widower whose only friend is her dog. Marlene is estranged from her daughters, one of whom is a lesbian. The other, "as Marlene says, lives with her white witch of a husband."

Bicks told us:

They will be showing up and interacting with Kathy and Marlene has had a distant relationship with her daughters.

The 40-something lesbian daughter is named Gina, and is played by an actress whose first name is Debra. Her last name slipped the minds of both executive producers. Omen?

Executive producer Vivian Cannon said of Gina:

[The daughters] come in the next to the last episode of the show. They are a major part of that episode. It’s a big deal when Marlene’s daughters come to town. Kathy really becomes very close to Marlene throughout the course of the season and when Marlene daughters come to town, she wasn’t even aware Marlene had daughters. It’s something Marlene has sort of kept to herself so when her daughters come to town, let’s just say there’s a little bit of conflict between them.

It also seems that Cynthia Nixon’s character is going to be a lot of fun to watch. She plays Kathy’s best friend from college, Rebecca, and she’s the anti-Miranda Hobbes.

They had a falling out and they come back together and she’s like this wild girl who never grew up who pulls Kathy out of her shell. So Cynthia will be playing sort of the wild sexy character.

With this show (and network) having such strong female characters, I have good faith that the lesbian character will be likable.

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