TCA Liveblog: “The Real L Word, “The Big C,” “Dexter,” “Episodes,” “Nikita,” “Hellcats”

11:00 a.m. Dexter

During the Dexter panel, I got a little more info about Kate Moennig‘s bit part as a tattoo artist. "We just shot that yesterday," Jennifer Carpenter told us. "She’s Masuka’s friend," Michael C. Hall (Dexter) added.

C.S. Lee plays Masuka, a forensic scientist who is one of the more comical and crass characters on the show. Masuka and Deb go visit Kate’s character. Lee joked "Kate, Jennifer and I — there’s a threesome going on."

"He’s lying," Carpenter said.

Executive producer Sara Colleton said that their visit to the tattoo artist will happen because a tattoo plays a role in the new season’s murder mystery.

So no threesome?

It appears that Moennig’s character will only appear in a single episode, at least for now.

10:30 a.m. The Real L Word

Showtime introduces the room to the reality show by calling it "a raw and unscripted series about high profile lesbians." They also call them "attention-getting and unpredictable." Cue clips of an upcoming episode filmed at Dinah Shore where Sara and Romy are making out in the pool, much to Whitney’s surprise, and Natalie is running away from Rose screaming, "Rose, leave me the f–k alone!"

What happens at the Dinah obviously does not stay at the Dinah.

Showtime says that The Real L Word brings in the highest number of web hits for any Showtime series and has the most video views on With a season finale coming up in three weeks, it does seem odd that they have a panel on the docket today. So one of the first questions for creator Ilene Chaiken was if she is hoping to have a new season picked up since it is still undecided.

"I’m never confident. Nothing is done until it’s done," she said. "I’m very hopeful. There’ve been changes at Showtime so we’ll have to talk and see what everybody’s thinking."

The reporter noted that she didn’t seem very confident.

Ilene was also asked about the ending of The L Word and how it caused mixed reactions.

"The finale of The L Word never had to do with spin-off," Ilene said, referencing The Farm. "We chose that story before prison show. It just truly coincidental that that story was able to lead into the prison show. It gave us way to spin Alice, the character, into it. We told the best story we could. That said, that’s what we wanted to say about the end of that particular phase of The L Word journey."

When asked to weigh in on why Ellen DeGeneres has her own show and there is a reality TV series about lesbians and not for gay men, Whitney said she thinks that it’s because gay culture "flips around" the patriarchal society.

"Men take a more acceptable role for getting away with things," she said. "Gay men face more scrutiny in coming out."

Ilene expanded. "They still have the advantages of being men and not having to put forward their gayness."

Regarding visibility as a whole, Rose said she thinks the community is happy with any visibility, citing progress ever since Ellen came out and Will & Grace aired.

"We’re still relatively invisible in popular media," Ilene said. "There are moments of more representation and then we backslide a little bit. It’s still not easy to get our stories told in television and film. That said, it’s actually progressing."

The whole cast — minus Mikey, who was noticeably mute — said that episode 7 will be full of nudity and provocative sexual scenes. They seemed very excited about it, as did the men in the room.

"Episode 7 will make up for 1 through 6 not having shock value," Rose said. "There’s one word for it: Epic."

It seems as if they were out to promote this specific episode, which is likely the one focused at the Dinah Shore.

Said Whitney: "Episode 7 is pioneering on many levels." Yes, this is the strap-on episode.

Post-panel, there was a slow trickle of reporters up to the stage, but not like the mob scene it usually is. It’s probably typical of a reality series, as is the fact that many journalists didn’t know the names of the women and had to call on them by referencing their wardrobe.

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